Welcome to Pho Little Saigon!

We are a cozy, family-owned, casual restaurant. Our Vietnamese chefs will delight you with wonderful appetizers, hearty meals and of course, the most delicious Pho in town! We also have Veggie Broth available and No Carbs appetizers and entrees. Please come experience a truly amazing dining experience at Pho Little Saigon. We are conveniently located near Ridgemar Mall at 1712 Mall Circle in Fort Worth, TX. Beer & wine are available. See you soon!

B15 - Grilled Tofu over Vermicelli

Pho Little Saigon Dish 1

One of Our Many Delicious Vegetarian Meals!

A14 - Apppetizer Sampler

Pho Little Saigon Dish 2

Remember To Leave Room For The Main Course!

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